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Wikidata Image annotations and manifests

Images in Wikidata can each have a manifest. They can be loaded in For example the Item ID for this page: is Q328523. The property ID should be P18 (this is Wikidata’s image property). The Preview IIIF will load the manifest into a Mirador instance. The IIIF manifest will be load the manifest and often there is a annotation list which may be empty. An example with annotations is Here is the link to the manifest: These manifests can not be loaded into the Mirador instance on this site without being changed however Wikidata image position tool allows for crowd sourced annotations. In order to get the manifest to work in this site’s Mirador instance change in the manifest to or load image into Create annotations on IIIF images without a manifest using method in Wikipedia Commons images.

Wikipedia Commons images

In addition to images hosted on IIIF servers, Wikipedia Commons images can be loaded into a IIIF format using a static url. The Wikipedia Commons image filename is loaded into the URL below and the IIIF image will render.{image filename}/full/full/0/default.jpg{image filename}/info.json


Wikidata with IIIF manifests

Additionally a number of Wikidata entries have a manifest listed in the entry. This Wikidata query link provides the framework for viewing all Wikidata that links to a manifest. In order to view the results click on the play symbol. It does take a minute to load.