Deploying to Heroku

Local Annotation Server
  1. Create/login to Heroku Account (signing up is free)
  2. Download the Heroku CLI (download bundles)
  3. Type in the command line heroku login
  4. Clone annotate-flask repository git clone
  5. Create a virtual environment with python
  6. Install dependencies pip install -r requirements.txt
  7. Go to your GitHub account
  8. Navigate to the Settings page
  9. Click on Developer settings.
  10. Click on the person access tokens tab
  11. Create a token with write access and copy the token
  12. Open the file
  13. add token to github_token line
  14. Fill in rest of settings file
  15. In the annotate-flask repository create heroku application

    heroku create <heroku-app-name>

  16. Go to heroku dashboard The application should show as deployed
  17. Open _config.yml file in Jekyll site
  18. change api_server to heroku server domain

    api_server: <heroku domain>/annotations/

  19. Push to GitHub
  20. Create annotations in GitHub pages